Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tom Thumb Peas

Noticed today I have a lone pea pod! Two days short from one month since I put the seed in the ground. Exciting! Tomato plants now under their own light and stand covered on three sides in reflective foil( not shown)
. Lettuce doing great as well as all the other plants!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lettuce Update

Looks like the first gutter is ready to start trimming. Gutter 2 is slow moving but coming. And gutter 3 is about to get planted.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Indoor Garden Update

This evening I transplanted my tomato plants in to larger pots. I am hopeful that they will remain in these pots. They are doing so well so far.
2012-12-01 19.33.05

I also transplanted my Tom Thumb Peas in to what I hope is their final home. These peas are a bush type and should have plenty of room.
2012-12-01 19.33.28

Pepper plants are also doing well. Not fast growers but soon they will also move in to larger spaces.
2012-12-01 19.33.12

Lastly rain gutter two had some germination issues and they were my own fault. No worries, I will seed some more and gutter three is not to far off. Gutter one looks great! Salads will start happening very soon.
2012-12-01 19.33.38

My plants are growing fast enough that soon I will need to work on my second grow stand. I knew I would need one but didn’t figure on it this fast.

Growing is fun!