Our Garden

The 2012 garden...
We added four raised beds this year giving us a total of six.

Bed #1 is our strawberry, asparagus, broccoli bed. We had moved the strawberries to this bed late this spring. So they are just now taking off. They will be much nicer next season. Asparagus is new so it will take a few years to have a nice bed.

Bed #2 is our tomato bed. Four different varieties if I remember correctly.

 Bed #3 has a few more tomato plants, mostly yellow. Also eggplant and green onion. Still some room in this bed so we may add more.

Bed #4 is the bean bed. Green beans, yellow beans and peas.

Bed #5 is the squash, cucumber, butternut, and sweet pea bed. You can see the sweet peas are in the center and have room to climb.

Bed #6 is the lettuce, kale, spinach bed. This bed is being secession planted so everything is spaced out some.

Here is the new grape arbor. Not the greatest build but it gets the job done. There are some climbers here on the end, sweet peas and cukes. Should be fun!

Here are three new blueberry bushes we added this year.

And lastly we added two apple trees. One gala and one honeycrisp. The gala is looking a bit sad but we are hopeful it will come back around.

We try to add updates to the blog as time permits. Go grow something!