About Blog

This blog is intended to keep track and share our efforts at "Changing Green".

We will list our successes as well as our short comings. Our goal is to help others with their efforts at "Changing Green".

Words from Rick…

Eating green, organic and or healthy is not a new concept to me. However, it is a new objective for me. I have many good friends that are vegetarians and have experienced many types of healthier choices. But up to this point I have had a hard time working this sort of eating in to my life. Martha and I are always running somewhere doing something with our work and interests. We have tried to steer towards healthier choices, but in reality we don’t do near as well as we should.

What spawned the change? Well as I get older my health is becoming more of my focus. I guess at some point in a person’s life they begin to realize that they are mortal. With my father passing away in late 2009 and all his health issues it has become about not repeating those issues for my self. Seeing that I had a heart attack when I was only 34 years old, I would imagine for some things I am at a higher risk. Other than having more weight on me than I should I do not currently have any major issues.

Being green however I would like to take to a level beyond just food. I am tired of how our society views consumerism. I am tired of people not taking responsibility for what they consume and or use. There needs to be a point that each one of us takes back some control, makes better choices and generally gives a damn about the planet we live on.