Sunday, September 11, 2011

And here we are…

Yoga Horse - MiakodaSix months after going Raw Vegan (mostly) we are still super happy and feeling great! I personally have lost about 30 pounds and feel better than I have ever felt. Martha has chosen not to do the weigh in thing, but I am certain she has lost 20+ pounds. She is wearing cloths she has not wore in a long time and she to is feeling great!

Raw Vegan suits us both. Although we have the occasional cheat, we stay pretty much on track. We love our smoothies and salads! We look forward to both everyday and believe it or not, we do not grow tired at all eating this way. Our Vitamix and Cuisinart are our two best purchases in a long time. Both allow us to make some awesome food!

We have been getting some things from an organic store not far from us. Of course we don’t eat pure organic but we do what we can. Our garden was a huge success in providing for us and we look forward to next years garden! We plan to add at least one more raised bed for sure if not two. My goal is to get some hydroponics going over the winter so we can see what we can produce indoors. One can never learn to much Smile

I continue to Meditate twice daily and Martha has started dabbling in meditation as well. We are both excising each day in some fashion or another and we are both adding some yoga stretching to our day. The above photo is my horse, Miakoda (koda). He decide to stretch the other day and I snagged this shot of him. In the words of my sister, he is doing “Downward facing horse”. Thanks sis!

Business keeps picking up and both of us remain busy busy.



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