Thursday, August 25, 2011


Meditation 5:30am in the midst of a thunderstorm. Silence and calm other than thunder/lighting and the pouring rain, what a wonderful back drop to a nice meditation. After which came a short yoga stretch session. A few minutes is all it takes to feel a nice burn and to realize just how long it has been since I was in shape. I will get there.

Then for the morning smoothie.... mangos, banana and orange. This smoothie, add pineapple or strawberries, is our favorite. It is so good. Today I will be picking at apples and bananas. Maybe a salad for lunch, we shall see. Snacking will be more apples and some nuts. Not many, just a few for the crunch factor.

Martha and I are working very hard. Our business has picked up and is getting down right crazy. In a good way mind you. The way the world is today it is good to have the work and income rather than not. Both of us continue to sneak exercise in to our day. That is a must in order to maintain our physical and mental health. We are both feeling great even though it is crazy.

Life is good.

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