Saturday, August 13, 2011

46 Miles!! Are you insane!!

It would appear that way. Martha’s niece Emily is here for the weekend with us and we decided to go for a nice bike ride on the trail. We figured 24 miles, from Rockwood to Meyersdale and back.

When we arrived at Meyersdale and had a little rest, and some water, it was determined that we all felt pretty good! So hey, let’s show Em the Big Savage tunnel. It’s only 9.6 miles further.

When we got to Big Savage we figured it would be dumb not to ride through it to the other side. So through the tunnel we rode.

Once on the other side I remembered that the Maryland state line was only another mile, or so.

So there we were, Maryland! And need I say, 23 miles from the truck! Yikes!

Here is the trip data. Not bad considering we were pretty kicked in the butt when we got back to Rockwood. We figured we spent about an hour total in stops. So actual biking time was about 5 hours.

081311 Map

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