Thursday, August 11, 2011

Feeling Tired While Eating Raw Foods?

I have been feeling pretty wiped out in the afternoons lately and think I have a solution to the issue.  (at first I thought napping was the answer:)......however, I am now supplementing with B12 and I noticed when I start to feel tired I am also feeling hungry.  So, I am adding in another smoothie in the afternoon and when I feel super tired, I am going to either walk a little or ride my bike.

Today for lunch I am having frozen wild strawberries, fresh picked blueberries and banana as a smoothie.  I also picked up 5 bags of ripe bananas that I will peel, slice and freeze this afternoon.  All in all I am having a really good day and feel very energetic, even after mowing our lawn that was like mowing a field!

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