Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer time foods

Although it is discouraging to see that the summer light is changing and it is getting darker earlier, we are still having summer!  Our garden is like a jungle and slow to ripen tomatoes because of the recent rains.  However, we have new snow peas coming in, some tomatoes, beans, peppers, cukes and eggplant.  I am hoping that the butternut squash that is taking over the lawn will actually produce. 

Tonight dinner is mixed greens with red grapes, walnuts, peppers, yellow tomatoes, celery and cucumber.  I have also made some sun dried tomato hummus as a side.  Rick forgot his smoothie this am so it will be our beverage with dinner.

I hope to borrow Rick's truck tomorrow as I am headed to the bike trail on my own.  The weather is finally changing again so it looks like I will be working in metal, riding horses and bikes!

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