Sunday, December 25, 2011

Challenges of Life

Life has been offering us many challenges. Some of which we wish we would not have been offered. One of those challenges occurred October 16th, 2011 when Martha’s mother passed away. Photo Aug 27, 4 14 38 PMAdelaide Rogers “Tad” Murphy was Martha’s best friend and biggest supporter. To say that Martha (we) miss Tad is an understatement. It is always hard to lose a parent and a friend. Tad taught all that knew her what it was like to be truly selfless. She always put others first and she always expected nothing in return. Never a bad word about anyone. This world is better because she was in it. And it would be much better if more people were like her. We miss and love you deeply Tad. Thank you God for sharing her with us.

With 2012 almost here life is about to change again. I have resigned my 11 year position so that I may pursue a vastly different job with Martha’s brother-in-law. This new job will allow me more time to focus on our own business by allowing me to work from home part of the time. In addition to the new job we are also doing our first wholesale show in Florida in January and then a second show in Vegas in June. Nerve racking but exciting.

Lastly, we are going back to our healthy raw vegan lifestyle. As you can imagine it has been hard to maintain raw vegan when your world has been turned upside down. These last few months have been very difficult to say the least. Things are finally leveling off to were we can get back in to the swing of raw. Both of us feel so good eating raw that we will succeed. We love life to much not to.

Namaste friends…


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