Saturday, January 7, 2012

Us, 2012 and Waking Bear Studio

Well here we are 1 week in to 2012 and busy as heck. We are working hard to get ready for our first wholesale show which is in Florida. We have less than two weeks till we leave. So busy we are. On top of that we received two new orders in the last two days.

I just finished another railing job for Gross Brothers Welding, and some various parts for other projects with them. What sleep?

We are back to eating about 90% raw vegan and loving it. Our smoothies have been awesome and we get up looking forward to making them. As you can imagine the Vitamix will be making the trip to Florida.

This year is looking crazy from the start. Crazy in a good way, I guess Smile We even got an offer to have our art in an online store that sells items made from recycled material. Most of what we make is made from scrap left over from Gross Brothers and the parts they and I fab. So what the heck, I think we will see were this online store leads. Martha has been in talks with them.

Have a great day and an awesome 2012!

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