Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 5 of 30 days Raw

Well we are on day 5 of 30 days raw. So far I think it has been pretty easy for both of us. We are making all kinds of different smoothies and doing really nice salads. Last evening Martha made her own hummus and I made us onion flat bread in the dehydrator. Yum they are both awesome! Plus I started some more sprouts. Put the hummus and sprouts on onion flat bread! Man is that good stuff!

Tried some crackers, and although they taste ok and taste real good with the hummus, they are too thin. I need to make my mix thicker by adding more carrot or maybe ground flax or ground sunflower seeds. Will give that another go here this weekend.

I think mango salsa is in our future! If I make it I will post some pictures and the recipe!

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