Thursday, June 23, 2011

Raw Veggie Spring Rolls

So, we actually had to order Spring roll wrappers from the internet as we had no success finding any locally.  They came in the mail today so raw veggie spring rolls were on the menu for this evening.  I assume the spring rolls themselves that are Chinese are cooked....I am not sure about them.  Anyway, I diced up very fine:  zucchini, cucumber, carrot, orange pepper, red onion and water chestnuts.  I marinated this mix very lightly in a bit of agave, soy sauce and rice wine vinegar with fresh basil and dill and a bit of olive oil.  We also used home grown sprouts and varied lettuces from the garden to our delightul dinner.  Wrapping the softened spring rolls was surprisingly easy and they were DELICIOUS!:)  So fun that Rick is liking this too:)

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