Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How Green is Kale?

So tonight as a special surprise for Rick, I took two carrots, one apple and about 7 leaves of Kale as our Drink of the Evening.  I juiced the carrot and apple and “attempted” to blend the Kale.  The experience was much like what I think a horse must feel like….chewy greens that covered our teeth and a certain incapacity of our cheap blender to actually “blend” the Kale.  The color though was a glorious emerald green and we gulped down the chunky mess and called it a day! Vitamix where are you!?

1 comment:

  1. oh and what a surprise it was! I think we can stick to juicing the greens until we get something like a Vitamix. Blend the fruit, juice the greens...

    You know what they say, "Nothing keeps you regular like a glass of curly kale!" the famous slogan of kale farmers everywhere.

    But hey, we got our fiber right?!