Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Starting the day off with…

Juicing/Blending! Pretty orange this morning, no greens. The greens will be added to tonight’s drink.

We started by juicing 6 medium carrots. Then we blended 1 banana with 1 cup of water. Blended in 10 strawberries and then added in the carrot juice. Awesome breakfast!

Currently we do not have the best juicing/blending equipment. The juicer is a Waring Pro and the blender is a WalMart special, Osterizer. Some day we will have us a Vitamix or a K-Tec Champ. Vitamix, nothing like a blender with a 2+ HP motor! Blades spin at 240mph!

Check out Discount Juicers for Vitamix and other blenders and juicers. Owner John Kohler is a wealth of information on juicers/blenders and also organic/urban gardening. Have a look at his youtube channel “Growing your Greens” listed in our “Suggested Links”.

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