Sunday, May 15, 2011

New raised bed and hoops

Today Martha and I finally got the new raised bed built. I finished welding the corner brackets and then we put it together. Looks pretty nice…

Of course I will need to get the soil in it this week as well as some compost. I added the hoops so that we can make it a green house next year so we can plant this bed early. The hoops come out pretty easy. Here is a shot of how they are installed…

You can see that the hoop just slides in to the mounted PVC tube. Pretty easy to pull the hoops.



Some chives are blooming….

And here is some lettuce that is enjoying it’s new home…

We continue to juice and eat as raw as we can. Both of us feel a huge contrast from a day we eat totally raw and a day we don’t. Most often when we don’t we feel tired and sluggish. I have to admit that I never thought I would notice such a huge difference. But it truly is a major contrast.

Stopped at a Mennonite greenhouse and store today. Picked up some herbs and some produce. Unless you shop at a Mennonite owned shop you can not understand the price difference. We saved a bunch of money. For example if you buy apples in the store right now they are $1.79 a pound. I bought over 5 pounds of apples (was a basket full) for $3.50. Save money and eat better!

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