Monday, May 9, 2011

Sprouts and more...

We received our sprouting stuff from Sprout People the other day. Should have sprouts in a day or so. Martha and I are eating increasingly more vegetarian and actually more RAW vegetarian. Not 100%, but we are leaning way over to that side of the boat J We actually both feel better and feel like we have more energy. Martha has noticed her acid reflex has been almost nonexistent and her allergies have been way better. Those are the kinds of changes that help one stick to this sort of lifestyle. Plus it has been fun learning all the Raw things we can do.

This mornings juice was red lettuce, endive, carrots and an apple. Oh and some fresh ground flax seed just for good measure! Not bad at all actually. Yesterdays included turnip greens and Martha was not thrilled with it. Sort of strong. I need to look at some recipes on the web and see if they mask turnip greens with anything. I have to admit it could have used some masking.

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