Sunday, May 22, 2011

Square Foot Gardening

Well Saturday turned out to be pretty nice! We finally got the raised bed filled and we got it planted! The bed was sectioned off with string so the 4’ x 10’ area made up of 40, 1 square foot sections. One plant was planted in each section, hence “square foot gardening”. I have never done that before so it will be interesting. You can see how it is laid out in the photos. Plus you can see my “Bucket of Carrots” that goes with my “Bucket of Beans”.

Tuesday night we leave for vacation. It is about time and much needed! We are going to stay with great friends that live in the outer banks in NC. The weather looks like it should be hot. And after a spring of cold rain, hot will be good!

Our mastiff pup Moses will have his first experience at the beach. He loves water so it should be fun seeing his reaction! Now when I say pup I am referring to an 11 month old that weights in at about 90 pounds. So he is not a small fry. I will drive at night so he will spend most of the trip sleeping. Always seems better that way. Plus I like the reduced traffic.

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